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Robert Patterson And Kristen Stewart

I have always loved Robert Patterson, ever since he was Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter, but ever since the release of Breaking Dawn Part 2 I have started going a bit crazy about him. In remember me I thought he portrayed the character really well, however I have not had the chance to watch ‘Water For Elephants’ yet. Robert plays Edward Cullen a mysterious old-fashioned vampire however he is not the usual blood crazy one. His adopted family and himself refer to themselves as vegetarians due to the fact that they don’t drink human blood, only animals. What people do not know is that Robert is also a singer and a couple of his songs are featured in Twilight, this is my favourite one by him called  ‘Let me sign’

After seeing Twilight,  I always thought that Kristen Stewart was just a gloomy depressed actress and her role in Adventureland and The Runaways added to my opinion to her. But after watching her interviews for the various films she has been in I have realised that the only reason that she has acted like a depressed teenager is due to the fact that the roles she has played have been that she had to be depressed, and she is actually a funny, happy ,laid back, insanely cool woman.Not even mentioning her fashion sense , is so cool and laid- back  So in fact she is actually an amazing actress and I think that more people need to appreciate her talents more.

I personally think that ‘RobSten’ is are really cute together and I personally hope they do more together and I think that because of their chemistry off screen it helped them on-screen. In the Twlight saga kristen acts like a depressed, socially awkward teenager who falls in love with Edward Cullen (who I described at the beginning) and even though Edward seems reluctant they get married and have a baby whilst Bella is still a human. Birth kills Bella so we all think she is dead, but Edward tries  to tern her into a vampire and it turn out he is successful. Anyway I love them together and hope they stay together.


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